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Luxury Services for Your Stay in Prague

Are you looking for a luxury hotel in Prague, but you don’t like large buildings with long corridors and hundreds of uniform rooms? At the Hotel Hastal Prague Old Town, you will find warm, family atmosphere with services tailor-made for each guest. The hotel is located in a historical building with comfortable rooms equipped in a distinguished, individual style. We offer a wide variety of complimentary services, which are included in the room rate. Wi-Fi is available in the whole building free of charge.

In the hotel restaurant, you can enjoy our generous amazing buffet breakfast. After a long day of sightseeing, you can relax in our Banker´s Bar. An original Thai massage or a steam aromatherapy bath will restore your energy for another exciting day in the Zen Asian Wellness center located just next to the hotel.

Zen Asian Wellness Centre / Next Door

Zen Asian Wellness center, which is next door, offers you to entrust your body and mind to the hands of their certified and authentic Asian staff. Our receptionists are happy to answer your questions concerning wellness service we provide. Reservations here:

We recommend following Restaurants / Reservations here:

Restaurant U Cerveneho kola / Anezska 2 / 50m from the hotel

The building in which is located the restaurant U Cerveneho kola was build in 15 century. The restaurant width its three stylish furnished halls; each of them emits an intimacy and calm; and indoor winter garden mediates comfort and style. Chef offers typical Czech as well as international cuisine. Whatever the lovers of wines or food want, they get. Perfectly trained employees of the restaurant make you from visiting the restaurant „U Cerveneho kola“ an unforgettable experience.

La Degustation / Hastalska 18 / 10m from the hotel

We think differently about food. We want to provide you with an extraordinary experience. This is why we cook small, thought-provoking meals that arouse all the senses. The first mouthful awakens your curiosity, the second demands your focused attention and the final bites enflame emotions, the feeling of an unsated appetite, and the desire for the next dish. Food is like music; it is created by the harmony of individual tones. The drink with which you wash this harmony down can raise it to unexpected heights, just like a virtuoso’s solo, or destroy it, like someone singing out of tune. This is why we pair our foods with small taster drinks. We pair them with wine, beer and fruit juices. Your dining experience is the purpose of our life.

Restaurant Local Dlouhááá / Dlouha 33 / 50m from the hotel

Enjoy carefully treated beer and freshly prepared homemade food. We draught the beer straight from the tanks via the shortest route into your pint glass, where it remains fresh until the last sip. We make real homemade meals, therefore our "ready meals" are prepared for you constantly throughout the day. Our cooks prepare classic Czech dishes, using only fresh ingredients and spices sourced from renowned regional suppliers.

Nase Maso / Dinner from the Butcher / 100m from the Hotel

We have prepared for you quality meat from Czech breeds - aged beef of the Chester breed, pork from Prestige pigs - and smoke meats of own production. In the butcher's shop and buffet, we can grill or warm up anything from the counter right there. A few steps inside the shop of Our Meat - Arcade - and you can make a quick purchase or try our hot dog. From Monday to Wednesday, we serve a dinner from the butcher, we lay the only one table.


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