Unique Banker´s Bar

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Unique Banker´s Bar


People, drinks, service - this is a brand new classic cocktail bar - " The Banker's Bar ".

The elegant interior evokes the atmosphere of old Prague Bank and is an ideal place to meet friends. It is the second business which owners launch. They have more than 8-year experience in the operation of the famous bar "La Casa de la Havana Vieja". The topic is new! Not only the Caribbean rum but the bank! The interior is designed in the style of old Prague banking houses of the 20th and 30s of last century, focuses on functionalism.

Sit in a space in which they can see details like the old ticker boards, comfortable seats with luxurious upholstery, period wallpaper or an old vault whose door leads into a quiet lounge with exclusive spirits. You can enjoy especially cocktails prepared by professional bartenders. Their approach respects very latest global trends in the beverage gastronomy. Here you can discover interesting whiskeys, bourbons, rums, gins, and mezcal. The bar team is very strong for our new project. These matadors are very carefully selected and new faces went for hard training. Our bartenders have prepared a stylish cocktail menu to open The Banker's Bar.

It consists of 10 signature cocktails, each containing a different base. The inspiration for each cocktail is always one of the famous bank robbers from the period of the 20th and 30s.

We look forward to meeting you here.

The Banker's Bar Team

Opening hours: Every day from 5.00 to 11.30 PM / Food & Beverage Manager: Mr. Jakub Dvorak

Reservations make hereinfo@bankersbar.cz     

Hotel Bar Direct - Mobile Phone: + 420 602 624 317


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