HAZEN ( Hotel Hastal Restaurant )

Hotel Hastal’s Kambala Restaurant and Café

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A traveler’s delight, Hotel Hastal’s Kambala Café offers elite cuisine prepared using the freshest ingredients Prague has to offer.
Much like the flat fish the café is named after, Kambala Café is a hidden treasure in the vast sea of Prague’s eateries.

The name Kambala was chosen because it is unique and is easily spoken in all dialects.
Additionally, the Kambala is a very peculiar looking fish and is extremely rare and delicate.

We welcome you.

Owners Petr Sampalik (Head Chef) and his beloved wife Barbara are both Prague natives who share a passion for fine cuisine, food education,
and a belief the fresher the food consumed, the healthier and more energetic life can be. Chef Petr’s love for food started at a very young age.
His pursuit to master the kitchen originated from his Belgian grandmother and his culinary education continued during the few years he spent as a chef in Camaiore, Italy.
His exposure to Italian and seafood cuisine are the inspiration for many of his elegant dishes.

Barbara Sampalik was raised in Canada and returned to Prague in 2003. As a world traveler, she gained an exceptional and eclectic palate and lives to eat the very best cuisine.
A master of her own kitchen, she understands the importance of nutrition, fresh foods, and the correlation between what you eat and how you feel.

What started as a small catering company has now transpired into a modern café as Petr and Barbara are living out a dream to provide the very best cuisine
while sharing their passion and love for culinary arts.

Hotel Hastal located in the heart of Prague provides pleasurable accommodations for those traveling through the magical city.
Kambala Café is an extension of the hotel, providing a warm atmosphere for locals and travelers
alike to tickle their taste buds with the freshest cuisine.

Kambala Café provides an elite dining experience at an affordable price.

When you are here, you’re family.